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Scenic Bus Ride

Scenic Bus Ride

Getting around Barbados is clearly achieved in many ways. Apart from two of the many options such as renting a car or taking a taxi, there's also the option of getting on board one of the Sunday Scenic Tours planned by the Barbados Transport Board.


These tours cost Bds $20 for adults and Bds $12.00 for children. Buses leave Independence Square at 2:00 pm every Sunday and explore the island of Barbados every week with a different route. The character and atmosphere on these scenic rides speak to the tune of absolute fun. A look through any of these buses could easily confront one with picnic baskets, snacks, drinks, laughter and just about anything that augurs well for a good long country trip. The young and old come together on these buses as this tour is for everyone.


Tickets are required for the Barbados Transport Board Scenic Bus Ride and can be obtained from the change booths at Fairchild Street or Princess Alice Terminals and the Transport Board Headquarters.


Tour Schedule for the Barbados Transport Board Scenic Ride

1st Sunday of each month
Speightstown, Farley Hill, East Coast Road


2nd Sunday of each month
Cherry Tree Hill, Little Bay, River Bay


3rd Sunday of each month
Foul Bay, Three Houses Park, Bath


4th Sunday of each month
Bathsheba, St. John's Church, King George V Park, Silver Sands


For further information on Scenic Bus Rides, click here.




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