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Helicopter Rides

The island of Barbados is truly a gem of a paradise with it's beauty stretching from North to South and East to West.


Many visitors to the island tend to opt for a hired car, a bus ride or even go on a hike in an effort to absorb the beauty of the island. However, Barbados also boasts of affording visitors an opportunity to have a bird's eye view on things.


Helicopter rides allow you to see things from a different perspective and even see things you wouldn't see under normal circumstances. The island's beauty and breathlessness come alive as you glide aimlessly through the air, taking sights like never before. The rugged East Coast of the island suddenly appears calming when in the air. The crystal-clear waters of the West Coast seem almost animated as views of marine life happily existing in their environs simply leave you astonished.


It's absolutely understood if your camera runs out of space as these sights are just unbelievable from the air.


Ironically enough, some visitors to Barbados' shores have admitted feeling like one with nature when on a helicopter ride.


Now you know your options are somewhat endless, we urge you to step outside the hired car (pun intended) and give a helicopter ride around Barbados a try. You will not be disappointed. The only regret you will have is wishing it was a longer ride.