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Sun Group is a large and growing family of companies based in Barbados with offices in Miami in the USA and all throughout the Caribbean. A tourism driven company that fully understands the importance of tourist related business and the equally negative or positive impact such a business can have on the Barbados economy.

With this in mind, we've developed the Barbados Pocket Guide. This comprehensive guide to Barbados and its people is what we consider to be an interactive format that allows you, the reader, to get a better idea of what Barbados has to offer. The content includes an extensive listing of the many beautiful beaches the island enviably has on show. It also contains historical and cultural information, a host of attractions on the island to keep you busy and intrigued all in one go and last but by no means least, a look in to the many Bajan foods and drinks. Some of the more popular restaurants along with eating out facilities are also listed for your convenience.

Please note that we are still very much in the developmental stages of this pocket guide and as such, all the information pertinent to Barbados may not be included. As we continue to work at providing you with the necessary information for this pocket guide, we welcome your queries and input.

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CWTS Complex, Lower Estate, St. George, BB19025, Barbados

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