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Fine Dining

Sunset is upon us and you're still in the process of deciding on getting dressed up and going out for a lovely meal. A meal that incorporates the tropical flavours that exists on the island but also incorporates the extensive variety of international cuisine, all at its very best. Should we also mention that the ambience of the fine dining experience in Barbados is one that lends itself well to absolutely fabulous dining?

Highly Recommended Restaurants in Barbados

TAB 7 Fine Dining La Salsa La Salsa Restaurant

Not only is your holiday in Barbados about enjoying our sea, sun and sand but it is a time to sit back and let new tastes and flavours with local, Caribbean Island and international dishes...

Tel: (246) 422-5026

TAB 7 Fine Dining Champers Champers Restaurant

On the south coast of Barbados, and slightly off the beaten track on Skeete's Hill in Christ Church...

Tel: (246) 434-3463 / (246) 435-6644

TAB 7 Fine Dining Daphnes

Daphne's Restaurant

In Payne's Bay on the west coast of Barbados, a charming Italian restaurant is open for business as...

Tel: (246) 432-2731

TAB 7 Fine Dining Daphnes The Tides Restaurant

The inviting aspects of beautiful Barbados come to the fore as you find yourself unwinding on the deck...

Tel: (246) 432-8356

When thinking of fine dining in Barbados, you must consider it a good idea to make reservations. Though not always necessary, it secures your table in the restaurant. Not to mention, there's always that possibility that reservations are made weeks ahead by some diners of the more popular fine dining restaurants on the island. The other important factor to note is that during the slow periods of summer and fall, some restaurants close their doors for renovations or annual holiday for staff.

Fine dining restaurants in Barbados offer the option of dining on the indoors or for those who want to enjoy the island's fresh air, there's always the option of eating outdoors and taking in memorable views of the star-lit night.

Another note of consideration is your general attire at Barbados' fine dining restaurants. Evening dress is more along the lines of what your attire should be. However, this should be confirmed with the restaurant as in some instances men may be required to wear a jacket in the evening.

There is an endless amount of fine dining restaurants across Barbados. Whether you are staying in the north, south, east or west of the island, there's no shortage of places where you can experience exquisite cuisine. Some of these restaurants include 39 Steps Wine Bar which is located on the south coast of the island. There's also Cliffside Restaurant which is located on Barbados' very upmarket west coast. These are just a couple of the many that can be found on our site. 

All you really need to do now is decide where your taste buds feel inclined to go. Whether it be Bajan cuisine, Asian cuisine, Caribbean cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, French cuisine, Italian cuisine, English cuisine, Brazilian cuisine, Mexican cuisine, Seafood or Indian cuisine, you can be rest assured that whatever question your taste buds ask, there will always be answer out there for them.

If your restaurant of choice is away from your hotel, travel arrangements to any of the fine dining restaurants in Barbados can be made by calling any of the many available taxis on the island.


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