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The island of Barbados welcomes visitors as tourism is a vital aspect of our livelihood. With this in view, the island is geared towards always making itself more marketable in this area. It is our distinct pleasure to embrace visitors from all walks of life and share our lives, history and culture with ease.

Barbados is now offering a welcome stamp for remote workers.  This stamp allows individuals and families to relocate to Barbados and work from here for up to 12 months.

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The topic of travel has become a rather ticklish one for many in recent times based on fluctuating economies all over the world. Despite this, Barbados continues to attract visitors from all over the world as nothing can possibly come between a price tag and what the island has to offer.


Warm and friendly smiles abound the island of Barbados. The weather is absolutely wonderful as the island is located in the tropical zone and usually experiences warm, humid conditions with constant, cool trade wind breezes.


There's no end to places of attraction and historical sites that speak to the history of Barbados. A rich history that has been preserved and restored over the years, that will certainly make your trip here meaningful. After all, this is reflective of where we came from and where we are heading.


Barbados is a relatively safe place to be but despite that we still want to reiterate the importance of you keeping your eyes and ears open should there be some unforeseen occurrence. As a visitor to the island, there are some basics you can adhere to that will ultimately aid in your absolute comfort while here. The crime rate in Barbados has not reached aggressive levels but we urge you to be forever mindful of your personal possessions.


There is no shortage of accommodation in Barbados. Visitors to the island can choose from a variety of places to stay, from the North coast to the South Coast. Accommodation on the island can be anywhere from apartments within residential homes to exquisite hotel accommodation. The choice is simply yours. Barbados is so fortunate when it comes to scenery that you can be almost guaranteed that wherever you stay on the island will have some kind of breathtaking view.


Eating out is just another part of our island. While here, please do sample some of the island's cuisine. Apart from the exquisite restaurant settings the island has to offer, Bajan food and drinks are a big part of our culture all year round, with favourites such as cheese cutters and pudding and souse, the Independence time favourite of conkies and Christmas favourites such as Bajan black cake, jug jug and sorrel drink. Don't deprive yourself, just delve in. You can always take home samples and or recipes and have fun while trying to perfect our dishes.


From the vast selection of beaches to choose from, bicycle rides, and horseback rides to name a few, there is something for all when in the island of Barbados.


Do enjoy your stay here on the island of Barbados and always remember to help us help you by offering your feedback while visiting the Barbados Pocket Guide website.


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