Beach Chairs on the Beach, Barbados Pocket Guide

Resort Areas

Barbados' main resort areas can be found on the west and south coasts of the island.

On the western side of the island, one can find the more upscale hotels and villas. It is no wonder this coast is considered to be Barbados' 'Gold Coast'. The west coast is more slow-paced than the south coast but still offers a wealth of duty free shopping options. More so with the additional shopping malls that have been constructed in recent times.

Barbados' south coast is a lot more energetic than the west coast and offers a lot more options by the way of nightlife. There's an abundance of restaurants, bars and night clubs available on this side of the island.

Accommodation on the northern end of the island is not as plentiful but offers you the option of a rugged, beautiful and unspoiled setting that may very well suit your needs.

Barbados' resort areas have a lot to offer to visitors. The many combinations that make this island unique is more than inviting.


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