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Eat and Drink in Barbados

The island of Barbados, also known as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean is packed with culture, history, architecture and an endless amount of eats and drinks to choose from. Our versatility in this area is such that it allows us to tempt you into either experiencing Barbados' fine dining or simply lay back and experience just what we have to offer in the way of casual dining. Whatever direction your taste buds take you, you can be rest assured that there is something on the island of Barbados that caters to your every need.

A breakdown of the category Eat and Drink in Barbados includes:-

Bajan Food and Drinks      

Convenience Stores      

Rum Shops


Fast Food

Specialty Stores

Beach Bars

Fine Dining

Sports Bars

Casual Dining



Coffee Shops



For some good Bajan household cuisine, we invite you to try popular foods such as Bajan macaroni pie, rice and peas, breadfruit cou cou or stew food to name a few. Bajan drinks that can be readily found on dining room tables all across Barbados include mauby drink, coconut water, soursop drink, lemonade and the all-time favourite at Christmas time, sorrel drink.

Fine Dining

Throughout Barbados, there's a variety of cooking styles that, when married, create a wonderful blend that makes the eating experience on the island truly unique. Our restaurants offer a wide range of cooking that embraces international cuisine fused with the delights of Barbados and the Caribbean. With chefs that have received numerous star ratings, nothing else but fine cuisine can be expected from these restaurants.

Fine dining restaurants can carry flavours that include Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Mediterranean, Vegetarian and Bajan cuisine, all in exceptional style.

For fine dining options, on Barbados' West Coast one can dine at La Salsa Restaurant, The Cliff Restaurant, The Tides Restaurant, the Sandpiper or Cin Cin by the Sea, to name a mere few.

For fine dining options, on Barbados' South Coast one can dine at Rachel's Bar & Restaurant, Chopstix Noodle Bar, Asiago's Authentic Italian RestaurantChampers Wine Bar & Restaurant, Naru Restaurant, Buzo Osteria Italiana or Tapas Restaurant to name a few.

For fine dining options, on Barbados' East Coast, one can dine at Round House Inn Restaurant & Bar, Atlantis Hotel & Restaurant, L`Azure, Sunbury Plantation House and Zen to name a few.

For fine dining options, on Barbados' North Coast, one can dine by the sea at Hugo's Restaurant, Fish Pot Restaurant, or Port St. Charles Restaurant to name a few.

Casual Dining

As seen with fine dining restaurants, the island of Barbados is riddled with options and the same applies to casual dining as well. For the more laid-back type, the casual dining setting is the environment to be part of. Here is where you can find great food coupled with an easygoing ambience. Simply put, the choice is yours. You can choose to visit Drifters Beach Bar & Restaurant for an extensive range of Caribbean delights or you can dine at Sandy's Chattel Bar in a traditional chattel house setting.

There's also the option of visiting one of Barbados' very popular rum shops. Here is where it gets as casual as it comes. Short pants, slippers and/or casual dresses are the order of the day. Place your orders here for cheese cutters, ham cutters, egg cutters and fish cakes to name a few goodies. Whatever you do, please don't forget to add further flavour to your cutters with Barbados' very own hot pepper sauce. Pass by on Saturdays and if you're lucky, you can get a taste of some real pudding and souse. Also served at rum shops across Barbados, is a variety of soft drinks (sodas) and last but not least, rum. After all, what is a rum shop without rum?

A few other places throughout Barbados that offer casual dining are Surfer's Cafe, Grannys, Lemon Arbour, Bubba's Sports Bar & Restaurant and Weisers on the Bay.


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