Bajan Fish Cakes

Fish Cakes

Fish cakes are popular throughout Barbados and are easy to prepare. These small balls of heaven comprise of codfish/white fish (imported from Canada), all purpose flour, salt, baking powder, ground thyme and oil for deep frying.


In colonial days, meat and fish were imported as they were seen as a cheap source of protein and could be stored for months. Fish cakes are popular at rum shops, parties and social gatherings throughout Barbados. Once a bowl or plate of freshly fried fishcakes is passed around at gatherings it is guaranteed that within minutes the platter will be empty despite there being health conscious persons around.


Some persons in Barbados, particularly persons who consume alcohol must have our local hot pepper sauce with their fish cakes to give it a spicy taste. Even if you are not a hot sauce lover, you can make a sauce with ketchup and mayonnaise for a delicious dip for your fishcakes.


Due to the amount of oil used for frying these fish cakes, you can see the oil seeping through the brown paper bags they are usually sold in. However, you can use a paper towel or napkin to dry out any excessive amounts of oil in the fishcakes.


Fish cakes are sold throughout Barbados at different stalls and shops, especially at the ever popular Hot Legendary Fish Cakes stall. With locations in Eagle Hall and Harbour Road, both in the parish of St. Michael and the very popular Oistins located in the parish of Christ Church, you have the option of eating fish cakes alone or with a good ole Bajan salt bread.


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