Friends Enjoying A Drink at the Pub


A pub is public house that is informally known as a pub which is part of the British culture. These 'drinking establishments' are licensed to sell alcoholic beverages in countries of British influence. It is no wonder then that the island of Barbados has pubs.

In the earlier section of our Barbados Pocket Guide website, you might have come across the British influence that has been and still is very much a strong aspect of Barbados' culture. Such an influence not only sees cricket as an integral aspect of Bajan life but it also sees the likes of afternoon tea, the very architectural landscape of the island, driving on the left hand-side of the road and the vast semblance that exists with Barbados' own Scotland District in St. Andrew to that of England.

Pubs in Barbados are a great way to spend time relaxing with friends and family while on holiday. Don't be fooled as locals take full advantage of these establishments as well. Especially after a long and hard week in the office, it is quite popular to see locals having a drink at a pub. This serves well in winding down.

For a choice of some of the pubs on the island of Barbados that you can readily  lay back and relax at, have a look at our listing.

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