When one thinks of Bajan Food and drinks, you can't help but wonder where this will all lead to. Food and drinks throughout the island of Barbados are a superb combination of present and past recipes that have all been uniquely preserved and creatively manipulated.

Bajan food and drinks make culinary arts in Barbados truly stand out. An amalgamation of a strong English, Indian and African influence fused with the availability of freshly grown local produce has added further impact to what we now know as our very own Bajan food and drinks.

Barbados has been christened "The Land of Flying Fish". Its warm surrounding waters abound in microscopic plant and animal organisms which provide sustenance for the flying fish and in turn allow the people of Barbados to benefit from a high-protein dietary main food that has been available for many many many years. It is no wonder that the island's national dish cou-cou and flying fish, consist of this very fish. Cou-Cou is a combination of cornmeal and okra that are further combined with salt, pepper and Barbados' very own Hot Pepper Sauce. This unique staple food is complimented with flying fish.

Bajan Food

Flying fish are not the only fish available to waters encompassing Barbados. Other fish include Dolphin, Salt Fish, Red Snapper,  Kingfish,  Tuna, Bill Fish, Barracuda, Tuna, Shark, Salmon and Mackerel. Seafoods found in Barbados' waters are Shrimp, Lobsters, Crabs and Sea Eggs.

Quite prevalent on tables throughout Barbados are meats such as pork, chicken, local black belly sheep and beef. Preparation of these meats could never be complete without the inclusion of the many vegetables that can be found right here in Barbados. Vegetables such as cassava, okras, scotch bonnet peppers, onions, sweet potatoes, breadfruit, yam, eddoes and spinach to name a few.

Most of the foods found throughout Barbados carry names that you probably wouldn't hear of anywhere else. Foods such as Bajan Macaroni Pie, Jug Jug, Pudding and Souse, Conkies and Nut Cake to name a few.

Bajan Drinks

Every tasty dish created on the island of Barbados needs the superb accompaniment of any choice of Bajan drink. As with the many Bajan foods available on the island, there is an equal amount of drinks to go.

There's the ever famous Sorrel drink that is a must at Christmas time in Barbados. Then there is Mauby drink that can be quite refreshing once cold. There's also the interesting twist of Ginger Beer Drink which is made from ground ginger. This is an interesting drink as it gives a burning sensation when going down the throat but it also has the ability to refresh your palate at the same time. 

What we listed is a small sample of what the island of Barbados has to offer in the way of Bajan Drinks. We strongly suggest you have a drink or two but be cautioned that once you get started, you may come across some rather interesting combinations that may not even be listed in our Barbados Pocket Guide.

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