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Getting Around in Barbados

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Getting Around in Barbados

The only way you can ever fully embrace what is going on when in Barbados is by simply getting around. Despite the small size of the island, there's always something going on that makes you want to get out and about.


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Barbados' bus transportation is a great way to see the island. This is possibly your cheapest mode of transportation as it costs a mere $2.00 everytime you get on board one of these buses. All buses on the island have designated routes from which you can choose your destination.


You can take a taxi which may prove to be more of a personalised trip as your well versed taxi driver will responsibly take you where you need to go. Rates on the island vary but for the most part, are reasonable.


For those who want to sit back and relax in the air-conditioned comfort of a tour bus, that is a favourable option as well. Tour buses on the island are equipped with storage and seating is set at the ideal height which augurs well for you taking in as many sights as possible while scanning these fields and hills we call our own. Bookings can be made through your hotel or by directly contacting the tour company.


The true and full appreciators of nature will certainly embrace renting a bike to get around as the exploration process can easily heighten at this level. Rentals are available as either daily or weekly rentals and can be made through your hotel or by directly contacting bike rental companies on the island.


Speaking of nature. An island safari tour is an excellent way to get around Barbados as well. These 4x4 island tours expose you to the natural side and in some instances, the unreachable areas of Barbados.


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