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Where to Go

You've arrived on the beautiful island of Barbados and it's now time to settle in, absorb your surroundings and fill your holiday time with as much of the island as you possibly can. Where to from here? 

Barbados' main attraction is its beaches. Visitors come to the island to soak up the sunshine and make every effort to transform their bodies from its original colour to golden brown. Our beaches vary drastically as the rugged east coast of the island is home to beaches and bays with rough seas and strong undertows, while the west coast of the island is where one can swim, snorkel or frolic in the serene, crystal-clear turquoise waters. 

If you are a lover of nature, there's the option of hiking. The Barbados National Trust sponsors a hike that is held every Sunday morning at 6am and again in the evening at 3pm. These hikes take you through gullies, cane fields, all sort of hills and just about any terrain on the island. There's a wealth of history to be gained on these hikes as they not only explore the beauty and awe of nature but the island's history as well.

If knowledge is your passion, there's more than enough to be gained while staying in Barbados. The island is packed with history that dates back to the time of the early settlers. Evidence of this history is still very prevalent throughout the island as it is seen in the many historic homes still standing, the intriguing gullies, the historic churches, the sugar cane factories and even the Barbados Wildlife Reserve.

If touring is your preference, Barbados offers more than enough tours around the island to keep you occupied. Island Safari is a superb experience that takes you into the depths of Barbados' countryside where you become exposed to a wonderful panorama of the east coast. If you prefer to get off the beaten track and stay on smooth surface, you should give the staff at Johnson's Tours a call as they will be more than willing to take you out on an island tour in one of their air-conditioned luxury coaches. Other tours available in Barbados are heritage tours, adventure tours, black culture tours and home and garden tours to name a few.

Our selection of where you should go while staying in Barbados is but a drop in the bucket based on what the island has to offer. Please peruse the Barbados Pocket Guide for more in depth details on where to go.


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