Tour Guide on An Island Safari, Barbados Pocket Guide


The island of Barbados is approximately 166 sq. miles, the majority of which is flat land. The road network is therefore accessible and in reasonably good shape. As such, driving in Barbados should be a relative breeze.

Firstly, to assist you with your driving, please note that in Barbados, driving is done on the left hand side of the road. All persons intending to drive on the island must have some form of authorization. For the locals that means they must have passed their driver's test and have been issued with a Barbados Driver's License and for persons visiting the island that they have obtained a driver's permit having presented the relevant documents to the authorities. 

There are speed limits for all the road systems, highways and residential areas. Please take note and adhere to these at all times. 

It is advisable to pay attention to the international road signs, especially those indicating one way traffic or no entry. Also signage continues to improve, so for example if you are sight-seeing pay attention to the billboards and signs on the road as they assist with your directions and help you get to your destination safely. That being said, there is absolutely no harm in travelling with a Barbados road map, which will supplement and support the signage along the way.

It is reasonably safe to stop and ask for directions. Barbadians are helpful people and will do their utmost to point you in the right direction, though the way the directions are given may sometimes be strange and somewhat humourous.

Car Insurance

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Don't Feel Like Driving….

There is an excellent public transportation system that can take you to any part of the island. There is the main terminal on the upper end of Bridgetown on Fairchild Street and another at the other end, closer to the port on Princess Alice Highway. They serve two different sides of the island. Up north, the Speightstown terminal is also fully operational.  In addition, one can, if feeling adventurous, experience the minibus culture, where music and packed buses are the norm, not to mention the faster speeds.


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