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"It is the air I breathe, I'm so proud to be born here, and the love and beauty that surround us, we share it day by day." These are some of the words belted out so smoothly in the music of Lord Radio (one of Barbados' very own maestros). As he sings so passionately about our island Barbados, we really can’t help but feel that same very passion for an island also known to us as "Bim" or "Bimshire".

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National Heroes




Our island Barbados, affectionately known as 'Little England', still has many characteristics that are on a par with the 'Mother Country' England. Due in part to the fact that no other country has ever ruled the island and also based on the fact that there are very large areas of lush green rolling hills in the Scotland District of St. Andrew. A district that was nicknamed after the hills and fields in Scotland, England.

When we speak about Barbados, it can easily be described as one of the most beautiful and unspoilt islands of the Lesser Antilles. Encompassed by unblemished sandy beaches, crystal-clear water and inhabited with an endless amount of friendly people, the island continues to boast of a rich culture. A culture that lends itself easily to being the backbone of the island. 

Life on the island of Barbados is quite interesting as the people of Barbados continue to prove their resilience time and time again amidst the challenges of life itself. Who knows, maybe it is this very positive outlook and the absolute refusal to 'grow old' despite their age, that has allowed Barbados to have one of the highest per capita occurrences of centenarians in the world.

Barbados has a very natural feel-good factor associated with just about everything you get involved with while on our island. Having earned a colossal reputation for being the ultimate tourist destination, we urge you to explore the activity, serenity and culture Barbados has to offer. A culture that is dear to all people of Barbados.

We truly hope this Barbados Pocket Guide gives you great insight into our island, Barbados, who we are, where we're from and where we're going. Topics including Animals, Heritage, Lighthouses, National Heroes, Sugar Factories and weather are all but a few of what this pocket guide has to offer. As you can well imagine, there's so much more we can share with you but we would much prefer for you to go right ahead and explore what, to all of us, is a gem and a paradise of a home sweet home.


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