Stilt Men Dancing in the Streets at Holetown Festival, St. James, Barbados Pocket Guide


The customs, social interactions, achievements and arts associated with Barbados have all served well in the development of what is so often echoed in the air as "Dat is we culture". Whether it be through culinary arts, dance, music, sports, its people, its religion or even the very limes at the rum shop, they all reflect the picture of culture. Amidst the many cultural influences that are a part of us, less we forget the importance of both the African and English influences in helping to shape the island of Barbados.

Barbados is an island that embraces its culture and such evidence can be consistently seen in the many festivals the island puts on. The calendars on the island of Barbados are chockablock when it comes to cultural activities. So much so that one needs to really sit and decide which activity to take in first so that key ones aren't missed out on.

Amidst Barbados' culture, the people on the island pride themselves on being very welcoming. Having an opinion on just about everything (whether right or wrong) they are usually quick to give their 'two cents worth' in any given situation. 

The laid back culture found in Barbados is one that speaks volumes about the very nature of the islanders. Despite this, they still possess a serious side and are able to get down to business should the need arise.

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