Christmas in Barbados

Christmas in Barbados is certainly a thing to experience. The people of Barbados prepare for the coming of this day as if it was truly a cultural event. Not forgetting the highly important Christian beliefs of this holiday, many get very caught up in the preparation aspect of the Season.


A spring-cleaning of sorts takes place as many households clean places that have not been touched for the year. Curtains are either taken down to be laundered or changed to add an air of freshness to the home. Some people use this time of year to change their furniture so the house can feel like new all over again.


Flowers even take part in this annual festivity as all around Barbados, one can see Christmas Candles and Poinsettias in full bloom during this time of year. Christmas Candles are evergreen shrubs that carry bright yellow cup-shaped flowers. Poinsettias have dark green leaves with brightly coloured bracts which are mostly seen in red around Barbados.


At the stroke of mid-night on Christmas Eve, celebrations get on the way with Midnight Mass. This is a church service held at various Anglican churches across Barbados to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. There is also the option of attending a 5am service on Christmas day as well. More often than not, Barbadians head to Queen's Park after this particular service to parade all over the park in their finest. If you want to be part of a local fashion show before you start your Christmas Day celebrations, do visit Queen's Park.


Stores throughout the island, use this time of year to increase their sales by way of reducing the prices on their items.


Residential houses and the business houses across Barbados get involved as a trip out at night can easily show a beautiful display of Christmas lights strung and displayed in all sorts of designs that will certainly bring the cameras out at night.


Some of the many Bajan food and drinks prepared on the island of Barbados at Christmas time include Bajan black cake, green peas and rice, jug jug, Christmas ham, sorrel drink and sweet potato pie to name a few. As you can see, Christmas in Barbados is certainly an event one shouldn't miss out on.




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