Books on Table, Barbados Pocket Guide


From the time we were children, our parents and or guardians have been reiterating the importance of reading. I don't think that we in Barbados can ever count the amount of times we were told to 'Go sit and read a book'. Evidently, they were/are the wiser ones as there can be no doubt whatsoever that reading is indeed a highly beneficial aspect of our lives. Reading is extremely therapeutic and highly stimulating.

One of the many talents across Barbados is the occupation of authorship. The island has a plethora of authors who are now beginning to publish their work for the public to enjoy. As a result, readers are now more informed of Barbados, its people, culture, history and the many aspects of what make Barbados. Where the island came from, where it's at and where it's going. 

The shelves of bookstores across Barbados are sure to carry a wide range of books that readily depict the true talent, imagination and experiences of our Barbadian authors. Novels, short stories, poetry, history books, children's books, books on lifestyles, health books and books on art are but a few available in Barbados for your reading pleasure.

We've endeavoured to give you a sneak preview into what Barbados has to offer with regards to books. Throughout this book section, mention is made of a few local authors and their books but as we build content, we will certainly share more with you.


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