Dancers Parading in the Streets, Barbados Pocket Guide

Performing Arts

Performing Arts involve performances such as singing, dancing and theatrical performances. More and more performances take place in Barbados and this can only be beneficial as such an art form brings the people of Barbados together to create unique opportunities to share in environments that stimulate good and meaningful conversations.

There are many personal benefits to getting involved with dance and drama, particularly for people who are shy or lack confidence, as one of the main benefits is that performing arts boost your confidence. Performing in front of a large, or even a small crowd can be very daunting but during rehearsals you will grow in confidence as your skills improve and you will be able to use this newfound confidence in every aspect of your life.

In addition, getting involved in the performing arts can also encourage your enthusiasm to shine through. If you are lacking enthusiasm in other parts of your life then getting involved in something you feel passionately about will give your enthusiasm a much needed boost and give you something to look forward to.

As stated earlier, communication is a key part of what makes performing arts a success, whether it’s the actor communicating with the audience, the director communicating with the actor or the choreographer communicating with the dancer, their jobs will only work together successfully if everyone communicates. Therefore getting involved in dance and drama will certainly help to improve your personal communication skills 

There is also evidence to suggest that getting involved in music, dance and drama can improve your intelligence levels because you learn so many new skills, and where scripts are concerned you are likely to learn new words and general knowledge. There are also spiritual and psychological benefits because dancing and acting encourages self-discipline, diligence, self-expression, calmness, and fulfillment.

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