Dancers in the Streets at Holetown Festival, St. James, Barbados Pocket Guide


Dance on the island of Barbados was once seen as a pastime that was used when friends got together to 'kill time'. However, in recent times, dance has taken on a whole new perspective. Not only is it an excellent form of exercise but it has been embraced from the stand point of it being able to intimately connect the mind, body and soul. Dancing is known to relieve stress, encourages teamwork and teaches etiquette.

This art form has been seen as a discipline that easily combines the social and cultural veins of Barbados. The Holetown Festival includes dance, the Crop Over Festival includes dance, Holders Season Festival includes dance, the Celtic Festival includes dance, the Jazz Festivals include dance and let us not forget the many karaoke sessions scattered across Barbados that give birth to all kinds of dance forms.

Dance in Barbados has reached such levels that we are quite proud of the dance schools and instruction they have to offer. The growth and development of these dancers can be readily seen in the performances they put on that have been honed by the professional teachers within these schools.

Children across Barbados become exposed to dance at an early age. Whether through the school system or as an extra curriculum activity, their pliable minds are easily influenced into the desired form of dance they want to pursue. African dance, tap dance, modern dance, ballet, free form and more are all dance forms found in Barbados.

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