Ladies Working Out at the Gym, Barbados Pocket Guide


Today Barbados is graced with gyms but many years ago, the only exercise our forefathers knew of or ever got was from the constant walking and hard work they executed in these fields and hills we call our own. They walked from home to the grocery store and back. They walked from home to work and back. They walked from home to school and back. It is no wonder they were able to live such long, strong and meaningful lives. 

We all know that there are many positive benefits associated with not just eating the right foods but also associated with regular exercise. This fact has without a question continued to echo through the ears of Barbadians as many of them have taken to the notion that an exercise programme is the way to go.

The people of Barbados have developed an increased awareness of their health habits. Such an awareness has driven them to change their eating habits, their exercise habits and their mental attitude.

TAbWith a desire to feel great about themselves, an escalation in the amount of gyms and fitness centers have been seen across the island. From fully equipped gyms that come with spas and state-of-the-art equipment, to the very down to earth backyard gym that comes with basic equipment and a great atmosphere. This blend has fused the connection between modern and basic to create a wonderful blend of options that you ought to experience at least once when you stay in Barbados.

The act of getting physically fit has certainly taken a top spot in Barbados' 'Resolutions to Make' list. Why not give it a try? While on the island, you may not only want to take in the many historic sites that litter the island but you may very well prefer to spend some time in a gym.

There are a number of gyms throughout Barbados offering a variety of exercise programmes that are not set in stone but can be easily tailored to suit you.  Some of these gyms include Surfside Wellness Centre with branches in Wildey and Warrens, St. Michael, Superior Fitness Gym which is located in St. Peter and First Fitness Gym and Training Centre which is located on Barbados' Oistins in Christ Church. There's always the option of your hotel having a gym that is accessible to you.

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