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Specialised Treatments

The island of Barbados prides itself on the high standard of medical health care it offers. With a Government fully equipped and more than ready to stand behind the many medical students the University of the West Indies produce annually, there has been a new eagerness to assist these medical students in focusing more of their attention on specialised treatments.

For many years, the people of the Caribbean have turned to Barbados' Queen Elizabeth Hospital for assistance when it comes to health care and especially specialised health care. This means that a number of patients fly in and out of Barbados for such treatments. This outside demand, along with Barbados' own patient demand, speaks volumes to the importance of high quality health care standards and the need for more specialists on the island.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) is a six hundred (600) bed facility and Barbados' main trauma facility. It also has medical intensive care, neonatal intensive care, surgical intensive care, dialysis units as well as 24 hour emergency room availability.  The Queen Elizabeth Hospital has on staff, physicians as well as surgeon consultants of all the specialties. 

Full time staff has increased and includes some trained paramedics. The emergency ambulance facility in Barbados is managed by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and is called on in the event of emergency. The QEH ambulance crews co operate with Barbados Defence Force ambulance service should any mass casualty arise. Ambulance crews are fully trained and capable of performing CPR and advanced cardiac support as well as administer IV's.

Sandy Crest Medical Center

Sandy Crest, a name that symbolizes a fusion of Sandy Lane and Sunset Crest, was born out of a desperate desire for a reliable healthcare facility in the north-west of Barbados. As such, a facility was designed to serve Barbadians and visitors who needed medical attention.

The University of the West Indies

The University of the West Indies has been more than instrumental in providing continuing medical education. Through the extensive programmes provided by the University, health care providers are given an opportunity to familiarize themselves with state-of-the-art treatment methods. This way, health care providers in Barbados are now able to provide better quality care to patients as the need arises. 

Further information on the University of the West Indies click here.

Specialised treatments throughout the island of Barbados include but are not limited to the following:-


Fertility Centre
MRI Scans
Orthopedic Surgeons
Plastic Surgery
Vascular Specialists


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