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Alternative Medicine

The word alternative medicine has truly lived up to its description in Barbados as it has certainly become a trusty alternative to traditional medicine. With the lives of Barbadians becoming increasingly hectic with not enough time in any given day and persons becoming prone to all sorts of life-threatening dis-eases such as cancer and degenerative illnesses such as exhaustion, it is no wonder we are aggressively searching for alternative answers.

Since the old days, alternative medicine has been used for the purposes of treating various diseases. In Barbados, the umbrella of alternative medicine covers areas such as herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Ayurveda, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, meditation, yoga therapy, physical therapy, homeopathy, naturopathy, reiki and massage therapy.

The island of Barbados has also become quite cognizant of the importance of 'getting back to the land'. If this phrase doesn't seem very straightforward to you, it means getting involved in planting your own food. Based on the increase of non-communicable diseases in Barbados, home owners are urged to plant their own food and rely on fruits and vegetables to help their healing processes. Such strong advise comes from nutritional and herbal educators such as Annette Maynard-Watson. A secondary school teacher who collects herbs, researches their medicinal properties and uses, and from her own personal experience, offers advice on how to use them for self-healing. 

Alternative medicine is not encouraged to stand on its own as exercise is also an important aspect of an individual's recovery. There are many gyms throughout Barbados with trained fitness instructors who are qualified to fuse their talents, competencies and proficiencies all in an effort to keep you focused on your diet and exercise programme. 

Always bare in mind that the whole concept of alternative medicine is simply an alternative and natural way to the traditional way of treating illnesses. While in Barbados you may just want to add further relaxation to your stay and one sure way to do so is through the process of massage therapy.

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