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Barbados has two (2) main hospitals and there are the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Bayview Hospital. There is also a Psychiatric Hospital which caters to the mental health needs of patients. These healthcare facilities cater to not only the people of Barbados but also welcome visitors to the island.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital is Barbados' chief medical healthcare facility. The hospital was opened in November of 1964 with a view to deal with the medical, surgical, clinical and treatment needs of not only Barbados but the Caribbean as well. Another focus of the hospital was also to serve the purpose of a teaching facility that would accommodate those wishing to pursue a medical career.

With a mission statement that propels it to be the premier regional institution providing excellent, patient-centered, secondary and tertiary health care services and health professional teaching in Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean and beyond, it is no wonder the Queen Elizabeth Hospital continues to strive for professionalism. For further information on the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados, click here.


Bayview Hospital

Bayview Hospital is located at St. Paul's Avenue, Bayville in the parish of St. Michael. This privately owned and operated medical facility was opened in 1989 with a view to provide the people of Barbados, the Caribbean and beyond with optimum care to all patients in a Home Away from Home setting. This is very much in accordance to their motto which they stand true to.

Bayview Hospital has exceptional facilities along with a team of doctors and specialists who are committed to ensuring patients are well taken care of. One such contribution is made by way of keeping their level of training up to date. These doctors and specialists are ably assisted by a team of nursing and administrative staff.

For further information on Bayview Hospital in Barbados, click here.


Psychiatric Hospital

The Psychiatric Hospital was opened in 1893 on a site that was once a plantation called Jenkinsville. Still on its original site which is located at Black Rock in the parish of St. Michael, the Psychiatric Hospital continues to cater for the mentally ill in Barbados.

This mental health facility not only caters to adults as there are nurses who also manage a Child Guidance Clinic which assists children who are inflicted with any kind of mental illness.

Through their Community Outreach Programme, the Psychiatric Hospital is better able to educate the public of Barbados on dealing with mental illness as a social aspect of this society and not seeing it as an isolated condition.

Occupational therapists are also on hand to assist patients with their ability to get back on track. This programme is conducted through the hospital's Occupational Therapy Unit.

An important part of the recovery process for these patients is getting back into society and functioning as 'normal'. With this in mind, the hospital has developed a Community Service Programme to assist patients in such a journey. 

At the time of launching of our website, there was no website available on the Barbados' Psychiatric Hospital, however, they can be contacted at (246) 425-8689/88 should you require further information on this mental health facility.


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