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Sports in Barbados

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The diversity associated with sports in Barbados is far reaching. From the games played on the streets to the games played professionally. This diversity works well as it gives plenty of options to you the spectator as you may want to get involved or simply relax and watch the proceedings.


A breakdown of the category Sports includes:-

Aviation Golf Sporting Events
Ball Based Sports Local Games Sporting Tours to Barbados
Body Building Martial Arts Sporting Venues
Clubs & Organisations Motor Sports Sports Tourism in Barbados
Cricket Olympic Sports WaterSports
Cycling Polo
Equestrian Sports Racquet Based Sports


The options for sporting activities in Barbados are simply endless. There's the more popular ball games such as cricket, tennis, football, golf and basketball. Other options include car racing, horse racing, polo, martial arts and water sports to name a few.


Sports has become such an integral aspect of Barbados that the island has seen the implementation of a sports tourism policy by the Government of Barbados. Such an implementation has seen the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and Direct TV hosting some of the major sporting events that either take place in Barbados or are taking place outside of Barbados.


Throughout the course of any given year, the island of Barbados is set a blaze with the amount of sporting activities that take place during upcoming months.