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Clubs and Organisations

Clubs and organisations in Barbados function under the main purpose of development of the island's people. This development can take place in a variety of forms that can be seen in discipline, the development of a sense of achievement, building character and purpose, setting goals and building confidence.

Young people of Barbados are encouraged to join clubs and organisations as this helps keep them off the streets and affords them unique opportunities to channel a lot of negative energies into something meaningful and in some instances lucrative. Some of the most hidden and unseen talents come about when young people are involved in such establishments across the island. Such clubs that cater more so to the young people of Barbados include the Amateur Athletic Association of Barbados, Barbados Lawn Tennis Association, Barbados Surfing Association and Barbados Rugby Football Association to name a few.

The older people of Barbados have always been a treasured aspect of this society. We're seeing more and more of them becoming centenarians and living full and meaningful lives. Such longevity is propelled by active minds. It is not a rare sight to see older folk at a Bridge Club to play a game of Bridge, heading out to play aa game of Bingo or setting out to the Barbados Turf Club to watch an exciting horse race.

As development, productivity and relaxation are all very integral aspects of Barbados' society, it is no surprise the number of clubs and organisations scattered throughout such a small space. We've mentioned a few on our website but there are more than eight hundred (800) clubs and organisations on the island of Barbados.

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