Polo Competition in Progress, Barbados Pocket Guide


We've mentioned time and time throughout this website, the wealth of history the small island of Barbados has. Who would have thought such history could be tagged to the game of Polo? Interestingly enough, Polo's first introduction to the island of Barbados was in the 19th century by British Calvary Officers. It is no wonder then, that the Barbados Polo Club was founded in 1884.

 The sport of Polo is one that is very popular in Barbados. Matches are played throughout the course of the year between Barbados teams and visiting teams from the international arena.

As per the progression of golf that has led to an increase in golf courses in Barbados, so too has there been an increase in horse related activities. Such is the case with the sport of Polo in Barbados.

The aim of this technical looking sport is to score goals against the opposing team by way of skillfully knocking a small white ball with a long-handled mallet. With the left hand expertly guiding the horse and the right hand almost wildly swinging at the small white ball, players are seen literally racing around the field in an effort to score goals against their opponents.

Visit any Polo field in Barbados and you will soon see that the game is not just about horses and riders. An evening of Polo in Barbados has a strong parallel to an evening out in England as tea and cakes are served along with sandwiches and snacks. Some women come out to Polo dressed in their very best with broad-brimmed hats and elegant flowing dresses. The true Bajan aspect of Polo steps into place when a fiery barbecue is started up. Your selection of barbecued pork, steak or chicken is offered on the grill after the event. Salads are also available.

Barbados currently has five (5) polo fields located at Holders, Apes Hill, Waterhall, Clifton and Lion Castle.


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