A Competitor of Equestrian Sports Show Jumping, Barbados Pocket Guide

Equestrian Sports

Equestrian sports involve the skill of riding or driving horses. Although not as popular as some of the other sports on the island such as cricket, tennis or cycling, Equestrian Sports certainly have attracted a loyal following. A loyal following that has over one hundred (100) members, comprising of riders of all ages who ride competitively and not to mention the many friends and family members who are always out to lend their support.

One such body in Barbados is the Barbados Equestrian Association (BEA). With a view to continually develop the progression of the sport, the organisation has grown from strength to strength. The Barbados Show Jumping Federation (BSF) was founded in the 1960s. This organisation along with the Barbados Turf Club and the Barbados Polo Club were the first set of clubs that represented the horse fraternity in Barbados at the time. After the collapse of the Barbados Show Jumping Federation, the Barbados Equestrian Association was formed in 1970.

The amalgamation of dressage into the Association took place in 1992.

The Barbados Equestrian Association is governed by an executive committee which comprises of members of the association who are nominated and voted into their specific positions by the voting members.

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