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Olympic Sports

Barbados is in no way exempt from the participation and glory of such sports. The talent that abound in the hearts and bodies of sportsmen and women on the island is more than commendable. The mere fact that these sportsmen and women come from humble backgrounds but are still able to stay focused and determined to achieve absolute excellence is testimony to the very backbones that sustain them. 

Olympic glory started for Barbados back in 1960 at the Rome Games, when Jim Wedderburn won a bronze medal after his participation in the 4 x 400 yard relay. That name may not ring a bell to many people of Barbados but the more familiar ones in the field that readily come to mind when we think of Olympic Sports would be the likes of Andrea Blackett, Obadele Thompson and Ryan Brathwaite.

The aforementioned names are all associated with track and field but Olympic Sports in Barbados is not by any means limited to that particular sporting discipline. Other disciplines that attract such Olympic attention are Archery, Fencing and Gymnastics to name a few.

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