Hurdles on Olympic Track

Sporting Events

Barbados has certainly become the land of not just flying fish but it also seems as if the island has become the land of events as well. Events of some sort are always happening throughout the course of the year on the island. No  different from sporting events as they have certainly taken a well deserved place on the events calendar.

In recent times, lots of emphasis has been placed on the importance of sporting events in Barbados. The Ministry of Tourism has concentrated a lot of energy on both community and sports tourism as a means of creating foreign exchange. The Barbados Tourism Authority continues to make a significant contribution by way of their involvement in local sporting organizations, all in an effort to support them with the necessary marketing tools they need.

As small as Barbados is, the island continues to grow from strength to strength when it comes to sporting events. Not only is the island attracting international participants that attend some of the most significant sporting events on the island but many of Barbados' own people are able to work their way up from humble backgrounds to go abroad and compete against the best of the best in their field. 

Based on the wide range of sporting events that take place in Barbados on a yearly basis, there will always be something eventful for you to attend.

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