Hike Barbados

Hike Barbados certainly lives up to its name as they truly hike Barbados. These hikes are not always straightforward expeditions as some hikers can be seen standing back and taking a breath as they try to figure out the next best strategy to conquer the next obstacle on course. All the while, everyone is having fun.


What better way to spend a Sunday morning or afternoon, other than going on a Barbados National Trust Hike. These hikes are not only educational but a great way to have a good sweat and make new friends along the way. It is recommended that you wear loose clothing, comfortable hiking shoes or sneakers, carry a bottle of water, a broad-brimmed hat and sunscreen if necessary. Many hikers use this opportunity to also take some of the most wonderful photos of the island up close.


Hike Barbados explores villages, coastlines, cane fields and tropical forests on the island. The diversity of the islands' countryside imparts an air of fascination upon all hikers as they can't help but marvel at the absolute beauty of the island. Barbados' history comes alive as hikers are now more exposed to things that they wouldn't be exposed to under normal circumstances.


Hike Barbados starts at different points on the island every Sunday. These hikes get started at 6:00 am or 3:30 pm with different categories to choose from.  The "Stop 'n' Stare" group walks for approximately 5-6 miles and are guided by a tour guide who educates hikers on Barbados' history. The "Here 'n' There" group walks for approximately 8-10 miles at a quicker pace than the "Stop 'n' Stare" group. The "Grin 'n' Bare" group certainly speaks for itself as this group covers 12-14 miles in the allocated three (3) hours that the other groups hike under.


Moonlight hikes start at 5:30 in the evening and it's recommended you carry a torchlight with you on these particular hikes.


The Colin Hudson Great Train Hike

Some years ago Dr. Hudson was challenged by one of his regular hikers to walk the entire train route in one day. He took up the challenge and successfully accomplished the task at hand. This feat subsequently led to the materialization of a twenty-four mile hike that was called "The Great Train Hike".


This hike grew in popularity as locals and tourists alike would plan accordingly in an effort to be a part of such a historic hike. The event was promoted as one where hikers can choose to walk the entire route or walk to one of the original train stops along the route.


In 2004, The Great Train Hike was renamed The Colin Hudson Great Train Hike upon the death of Dr. Hudson. This renaming was as a result of the valuable contribution Dr. Hudson made to thousands of people in Barbados and the world.


Dr. Hudson's enthusiasm and intellect will be forever etched in the minds of the people of Barbados.


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