Warri Game Demonstration at the St. James Parish Church's Annual Harvest Garden Party, Holetown, St. James, Barbados Pocket Guide

Local Games

Barbados is not just known for the larger, more popular games such as hockey, lawn tennis, cricket, basketball, badminton, volleyball or golf. These are the games we know of today but back in the day when children had no real resources and had to get creative in an effort to entertain themselves, games such as chinese skip, jacks and marbles played an integral part in the leisure time of Barbados' children.

There was a time when communities were a lot closer and children would gather and play all sorts of games that kept them out of trouble. All the while, unconsciously developing life skills.

Unfortunately, these games are no longer as prevalent as they once were in Barbados. You may still find a few children showing an interest in playing some of these games but merely on a leisurely basis.

We've mentioned just a few of the local games that can be found on the island of Barbados. Here's hoping you not only find them interesting but also try your hand at a game or two.


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