Martial Arts Classes in Progress, Barbados Pocket Guide

Martial Arts

The art form of martial arts is seen primarily as a sport for self defense purposes but it is also an ideal way to strengthen muscles and release stress. Physical strength, flexibility and mental sharpness are all increased as a result of this age-old art form.

Children as young as three (3) years old in Barbados can be seen getting involved in martial arts as there is no better time to train and mould a child's mind than at such a tender and willing age.

Other forms of martial arts include judo, a sport which was developed in Japan and refashioned from jujitsu and has similarities to that of wrestling. There's also karate which is an undefended method of Japanese defense which administers sharp blows and kicks to sensitive points on the body.

The art of martial arts is very widespread in Barbados so finding a school or instructor on the island is not a difficult task at all.


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