Rally Car on the Course in St. John, Barbados Pocket Guide

Motor Sports

Over the last few years, motor sports in Barbados has gained international recognition as the island has seen hundreds of spectators from Barbados and abroad come out in top gear to cheer on their favourite drivers and make the best of the party atmosphere that prevails over every motor sports event on the island. As a result, sports tourism in Barbados has gained tremendously from this sport as visiting competitors, their friends and families are opened up to motor sports the Barbados way, the history, culture and people of the island. Not to mention the foreign exchange benefits of it all for the island.

Motors sports in Barbados is held at Bushy Park in St. Philip or throughout the island when the Sol Rally Barbados takes place. According to their website, Sol Rally Barbados is the Caribbean's biggest annual international motor sport event, attracting as many as ninety (90) crews, one-third of them from the wider Caribbean and overseas. Under the umbrella of  Barbados' motor sports, there's also circuit racing, go cart racing and motor cycle racing. 

Motor Sports in Barbados has quickly become the most well-liked spectator sport the island has to offer. So favoured has this sport become that picnic baskets, umbrellas, coolers, sun block, sun tan, alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic drinks and chairs are all packed and a day or event is made of this sporting activity. On arrival to the venue and at the venue, discussions are already going as loyal followers are forever opinionated about their favourite driver and or navigator, car, sponsor, mechanic or even the many girls that attend these events.

Let's face it, motor sports in Barbados has simply grown into a festive atmosphere.

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