Competitive Swimmer Swimming in the Pool, Barbados Pocket Guide

Water Sports

You hear of Barbados and you immediately think of an island resting in the sun with coconut trees swaying back and forth. A tropical setting builds in your mind that lends itself further to the creation of a backdrop with cool trade wind breezes and waves that gently crash against the island's shores.

The word Barbados is mentioned again but this time along with water sports and no other areas quickly pop into one's mind other than the beautiful and unspoiled beaches of Barbados' south and west coast. Here is where you are destined to find turquoise but crystal clear waters that augur well for the ultimate in recreational grounds.

For those who don't have a problem with choppy sea conditions, the east coast of the island is ideal for you. This Atlantic side of the island provides a haven for surfers as they bravely face the thundering waves of this very popular surfers' side of the island.

Swimming with turtles, snorkeling, diving, going out on a catamaran, riding a jet ski, parasailing, exploring the intriguing reefs and wrecks on the island and then there's also the option of watching the sunset after all that activity. These are just a small amount of activities that take place in Barbados when it comes to water sports.


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