Surfer Tackling Wave, Barbados Pocket Guide


The island of Barbados has many attracting features that lure visitors to the island and keep residents here. When we speak about Barbados, it can easily be described as one of the most beautiful and unspoilt islands of the Lesser Antilles. Encompassed by unblemished sandy beaches, crystal-clear water and inhabited with an endless amount of friendly people, the island continues to boast of a rich culture.


Highly Recommended Surfing Schools in Barbados

Boosy's Surf School

Burkie's Surf School

Zed's Surfing Adventures


Speaking of beaches, this takes us right into surfing. This extreme sport calls for great skill as it benefits the body tremendously by way of engaging the upper and lower body in constant movement and balance. Such constant movement augurs well for the heart, muscle toning, revitalising the body and aiding in endurance. Not only is surfing beneficial to the physical body but it is also beneficial to one's mental being.


Many pack up and get indoors in the advent of a storm approaching the island but surfers head in the opposite direction and make their way into the sea to take full advantage of the somewhat dangerous but thrilling waves that await them. After all, this is seen as the best time for the surf to be up.


Let's face it, once there is any kind of wave activity in Barbados' waters, one can be sure to find surfers out in the ocean. Some may never understand why surfers seem so very addicted to this sport but many have made it clear that you need to be out there in order to appreciate it in its entirety.


Surfing has certainly taken flight on the island of Barbados and this is evidently seen with even the little ones getting involved in the sport.


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