Boosy's Surf School

It is no secret that the island of Barbados has some of the most alluring beaches found anywhere in the Caribbean. These beaches range from the calm waters as seen on the west coast of the island to the more aggressive type waters usually found on the eastern and in some southern areas of the island.


One great way to explore the surf of Barbados is by way of Boosy's Surf School. This surfing school focuses primarily on marketing surfing as a life enhancing sport “forward thinking with endless progression!”.


A trip to Freights Bay, which is located just south of Barbados' fishing village Oistins, is where the majority of their surfing lessons can be seen happening. Surfing lessons are taught by the founder and only instructor of this school, Christian Neville Boos. His experience as a surf instructor has allowed him to successfully guide many people into how to master surfing and even beginners can attest to being able to stand on the surfing board during their very first lesson.


Boosy's Surf School has been reviewed with comments such as expert teaching, skills to last a lifetime, having an exceptional instructor and simply an awesome experience to name a few.


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