Scuba Diving

The island of Barbados is fortunate enough to have warm waters all year round that augur well for scuba diving. Temperatures range from 29˚C (84˚F) throughout the summer time which runs from July to September and can drop throughout the winter months of January to March to an approximate range of 27˚C (77˚F).


Barbados is predominantly made up of coral formations and surrounded by coral reefs of many different shapes and sizes. History comes alive when scuba diving in Barbados as the many shipwrecks that grace the ocean's floor have become home to a diversity of marine life. Divers readily come across some of the most intriguing shipwrecks found on the island as miles and miles of spectacular reefs abound. The island of Barbados is simply a haven for scuba divers. 


There are a number of dive shops in Barbados that offer scuba diving. Their professional staff are more than capable of ensuring you enjoy your scuba diving experience. These dives are not only focused on the guaranteed great enjoyment they have to offer but staff also ensure that divers respect our environment and as a result, our marine life continues to prosper.


For information on dive sites on the island, click here.


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