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Business in Barbados

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Business in Barbados

The island of Barbados gained full independence back in 1966 and eversince that time, the island has been able to create a relatively supportive economic platform. This platform has remained strong as a result of the country's investments in its people, its physical infrastructure and its international trade relations.


A breakdown of the category Business in Barbados includes:-

Agriculture & Farming Government News & Media
Automotive Home & Garden Personal Care Services
Clothing & Accessories Industries Professional Services
Computers & Electronics Internet Services Real Estate Services
Communication Services International Agencies Relocating to Barbados
Construction & Contractors Legal & Financial Institutions Shopping
Education Meetings in Barbados Utility Companies

There are a number of industries scattered throughout the island that gainfully employ the people of Barbados. In turn, Barbadians are provided with incomes, which they then spend into the same economy.


Throughout the island of Barbados there are many businesses that fall under the umbrella of Agriculture and Farming, Clothing and Accessories, Home and Garden, Personal Care Services, Reals Estate Services and Utility Companies to name a few.


Business meetings held in Barbados augur well for a great balance between productivity and pleasure with the ultimate location being one that offers both accommodation and meeting room facilities.