Construction Work Being Carried out at Port Ferdinand, St. Peter, Barbados Pocket Guide

Construction and Contractors

Barbados has a very vibrant construction industry and this has been so for quite a number of years. The reputation of our industry and its players is so well known and respected that the industry has had quite a few companies winning bids for major construction projects, not just in Barbados but also within the wider Caribbean region. This reputation is also quite well established here on the island as our beautiful buildings, both commercial and residential, bear testament to that.

Springing from within this area are also quite a few contractors who offer services for both residential and commercial properties. As with any venture it is up to you to ensure that before you engage the services of any of these professionals that you do your research; check references, find and inspect examples of their work and always demand a contract in writing with all the costs clearly stated. This not only protects you but it ensures that the standards of this growing Barbadian industry are not compromised by inferior or lesser skilled professionals.

Building standards in Barbados are now moving towards national regularization and the construction companies on the island are keeping pace and in some instances exceeding current industry standards. As you can well imagine, this augurs well for both island and industry. The construction industry can also boast of some of the most current building techniques which utilize some of the best cutting edge technology. Not only are our techniques and standards top notch but the equipment and technology used everyday is also among the best the industry has to offer. 

So, whether you are a resident looking to build your dream home or the returning national looking to invest your retirement funds in a home, Barbados is the place. You can be assured that high standards are maintained within the construction industry on the island to ensure that the commercial and residential stock here in Barbados will be around for quite a long time and like many of our historic buildings, will be around for generations to come.


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