Image of a HDSL modem

Internet Services

Travelling to Barbados could mean that you are miles away from home, family, friends and loved ones. With this being the situation, it is obviously imperative that you stay connected somehow. Your one true way of doing so is via the internet as this offers you the ideal mode of communication.

For your peace of mind, we will inform you that the island of Barbados has internet connectivity running throughout. And like the very country you are visiting from, Barbados also has quite a few internet cafés that afford you the opportunity to send and receive emails while out on the road. 

Internet services throughout Barbados are provided by internet service providers (ISP) who are able to effectively keep the island connected. Such internet services are provided by LIME, who offer great broadband plans that assist in you being connected at a more efficient rate and TeleBarbados, a high speed internet service provider that is sold in increments of 1 megabit. Access is given by way of fiber optic connection or by way of their 3.5ghz licensed wireless spectrum.


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