Tropical Gardens at Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary, Christ Church, Barbados Pocket Guide

Home and Garden

These days there seems to be a trend as proud homeowners across Barbados find great pride and joy in their home and garden projects. As more and more Barbadians go after the opportunity to own their own properties, there's an automatic increase in the number of gardens that beautify these homes. They seems to be a great love for beautifying one's surroundings and getting one's hand dirty from the outdoors. 

The island of Barbados has lots to offer when it comes to renovating your property or making some of the most simple changes at home. For the ladies who are always in touch with their kitchens and bathrooms to the guys who prefer to stick with the outdoors, hardware stores across Barbados are readily equipped with the necessary tools and materials to get you on the way to your home project.

For those with a green thumb or potential green thumb, there are tools on the island of Barbados that will assist you in maintaining your current garden or assist you in learning how to do so.

Throughout this section of the Barbados Pocket Guide, you will be further directed to more aspects of the Home and Garden section of this website.


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