Insurance Question Form, Barbados Pocket Guide

Insurance Companies

Insurance coverage on the island of Barbados can be easily attained as there are numerous insurance companies from which to make your choice. Our insurance companies pride themselves on being stable and experienced with financial backing that's there when you need it most, in the event of a claim.




Home Insurance      • Car Insurance      • Business Insurance


Though having insurance will not eliminate the risk of theft, injury, illness, death, property or vehicular damage, it does relieve the insured party of the financial losses asssociated with the kinds of risk these mishaps bring.


Insurance is a legally binding agreement in which an insurance company pays the insured party a specific amount of money in the event any of the previously mentioned mishaps or others under the contract should occur. Monthly premiums are paid on the part of the insured to the insurance company for such a benefit to be activated. These monthly premiums reduce the insured's chances of risks and cover the below and more:


• Property Damage

• Liquidity Risk

• Contractors Risk

• Vehicular Damage

• Travel

• Mortage Indemnity and more


If you are interested in getting a FREE quotation on your specific insurance needs, please don't hesitate to call any of the many insurance companies throughout Barbados and one of their professional underwriters will be sure to assist.


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