Local Produce on Sale at Agrofest, Barbados Pocket Guide

Agriculture & Farming

These fields and hills that run endlessly throughout the island of Barbados have been cultivated from the early days of settlement in order to produce sugarcane and other foodstuffs for both local and regional markets. The island of Barbados throve on such an industry as soon enough it became the very backbone of the island's economy. 

Governments have been trying to make it clear, the importance of growing your own food in an effort to cut back on the high food import bill. Not to mention, the prospects of healthier families as food would be readily available in their own backyards for consumption. 

High incidences of foot amputations in Barbados have raised serious concern with regards to the diets of Barbadians. Hence the reason emphasis has been placed on backyard gardening and diets higher in fruits and vegetables

The process is not a complicated one as you don't need large amounts of land to grow your own food, you simply need anything that has the capacity to hold soil. This could be a tub, tyre, an old refrigerator or container to get you started. 

Due to an awareness of the importance of food production as an island, more and more manageable tyre gardens are nurtured across the island of Barbados in an effort to grow more of what we eat.


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