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The automotive industry in Barbados is as varied as any in the rest of the world. Our automotive industry ranges from the super economical compact vehicles to the ultra luxurious vehicles like BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi. There are quite a few automobile dealers located here on the island so sourcing a vehicle to suit any taste and budget is quite an easy task.  

The industry is also quite diverse with many complimentary services being offered. To operate any vehicle here in Barbados on the public roads, it must be insured (for your protection as well as the protection of other road users) and the mandatory Road Tax must be paid annually. This Road Tax ranges from $400.00 Bds. to $1600.00 Bds. depending on the type and weight of the vehicle you possess. In Barbados you will of course have your choice of insurance companies as all of them do offer automotive coverage in addition to their other services.

Additionally, they are many companies and indeed quite a few small businesses that offer valet services to ensure your vehicle is always in tip top shape. These car valets are located all across the island with some enterprising young people even setting up mini versions of these businesses in the car parks of supermarkets and at some of the Malls to give you the convenience of doing your shopping or other business while your car is professionally detailed.

The enterprising spirit of the Barbadian people also stretches to the procurement and supply of car parts both new and used. So as you skirt the island on your excursions you will stumble across many of the small automotive parts supply companies where your automotive parts needs (new or used) are always attended to. There are even those companies which specialize in making your vehicle a showpiece with all of the exclusive accessories to make your vehicle the envy of everyone.

As we know all too well, vehicles sometimes require mechanical interventions. Here in Barbados you will have many options; from the automotive dealers who will look after your mechanical needs as well as the simple backyard mechanics who will tend to your vehicle at reasonable rates. Again, as with everything, you should do your research before entrusting your vehicle to anyone with whom you are not familiar. Check them out, ask questions and then determine if they are your best option for your vehicle's specific problem.


Car Insurance

In Barbados car insurance acquirement doesn't have to be a tedious process at all. Great customer service, quick claims processing & payments, easy payment plans, easy to read documentation, Strong A-Rated Reinsurance & discounts are more than enough reasons to encourage you to not just insure your car but to do so through a trusted agent such as Sun General Insurance.


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