Immigration Department, Bridgetown, Barbados Pocket Guide

Relocating to Barbados

If you are coming from a distant land, the thought of relocating to Barbados could seem like a taxing activity but it really doesn't have to be. Provisions are made through the Immigration Act of Barbados to accommodate individuals who are able to show beyond doubt that they are more than capable of maintaining themselves and any other dependents while in Barbados. Once proven, a status of immigrant is granted in the first instance and once applied for, an extension of five years is granted for permanent residency.

This section of the Immigration Act applies to financially self-sufficient individuals who are desirous of retiring in Barbados and business persons desirous of investing in Barbados. Such an investment would augur well for Barbados as the economy would benefit from the level of employment the island becomes exposed to.

Applications for immigrant status should be completed in duplicate and together with the appropriate medical form forwarded directly to the Chief Immigration Officer, Immigration Department, The Wharf, Bridgetown, Barbados. 
A non-refundable fee of US$100.00 in the form of a money order payable to the Chief Immigration Officer should accompany the application. A further fee of US$400.00 is payable approval of the application.


Students Who Wish to Live in Barbados

Prior to entering Barbados, applications for a student visa should be made by individuals who care to pursue an education in Barbados. The necessary applications pertinent to student visas can be obtained from the Immigration Department.


Importing Animals to Barbados

It is important to note that any animal or bird imported to Barbados must have an Import permit. Such a permit is partnered with health conditions which are required to be met by the source country. Based on the fact that Barbados' disease status can change at any time, these conditions automatically become subject to change. 

The importation of any animal that is found in violation of Barbados' laws (Diseases and Importation Control) Regulations may be seized by the Veterinary Officer and be detained, destroyed or otherwise disposed of as he shall direct. 

Animals (Diseases and Importation Control) Regulations, 1961, 7.(3) 

Visit the Ministry of Agriculture for further information on the importation of animals.

Barbados Relocation Services

Barbados Relocation Services provides a professional and warm experience to all those relocating to our beautiful island. For the business owner, your employees are your most valuable asset, and their successful relocation to Barbados is essential to the success of your company. They take care of every detail and every aspect of your journey to living comfortably in Barbados.


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