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Utility Companies

Utility companies in Barbados supply the island with the necessary utilities that assist in the cost-effective daily management of the island. Making energy use more efficient can only aid in Barbados' economy growing stronger with higher levels of employment, more efficiently and effectively run businesses and lesser of a reliance on outside resources.

With the level of investment that goes into the infrastructure of Barbados' utility companies, it stands to reason that the island is growing with regards to finding feasible solutions to assist in the country's sustainability.

The growing competencies associated with Barbados' utility companies is something that ought to be lauded. Response times have been improved and as a result has certainly increased the level of confidence that the people of Barbados have in these utility companies.

Barbados Light & Power Company Ltd., Barbados Water Authority, Digicel, LIME, National Petroleum Corporation and TeleBarbados are the utility companies currently found in Barbados.


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