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Real Estate Services

Maybe you have seen footage of Barbados on the internet, heard of the island through a friend or got hooked from previous visits. Whatever reason caused you to consider Barbados, fact remains you considered making the island your home away from home. Having made such a decision, its time for your reality to be lived out to its fullest potential. 

There are many real estate services that will ably assist in you not wasting time, effort and money when it comes to making a decision on buying a property in Barbados, building a home, leasing property and even commercial rentals. Experienced real estate agents throughout Barbados will ensure that they follow through with the information handed over to them by you so they can readily locate the exact property that suits your every need. 

Real estate services in Barbados have been around for some time and as a result are able to confidently advise you on your big step ahead. Their services are as far-reaching as to recommend an attorney at law to take care of your legal matters.

Relocating to Barbados

This process doesn't have to be a taxing one for you as relocation services on the island assist you with the following:-

  • Packing, shipping and moving
  • Sourcing of housing (long & short term accommodation, as well as property purchase)
  • Negotiating with Landlords and/or Vendors in an effort to obtain the best possible terms and costs
  • Sourcing of vehicles, whether it be purchasing or leasing
  • Advising on immigration requirements and work permit applications
  • Assisting with setting up business in Barbados
  • Sourcing public and private education options for children
  • Assisting in choosing your preferred network of doctors and pharmacists
  • Housekeeping and care taker sourcing
  • Pet importation
  • Island tours and familiarization
  • Club memberships and introduction services
  • Guidance on shopping, dining out and entertainment

Barbados Relocation Services provides a professional and warm experience to all those relocating to our beautiful island. For the business owner, your employees are your most valuable asset, and their successful relocation to Barbados is essential to the success of your company. They take care of every detail and every aspect of your journey to living comfortably in Barbados.


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