Barbados Supreme Court, Bridgetown, Barbados Pocket Guide

Legal and Financial Institutions

There is definitely no shortage of lawyers or legal institutions on the island of Barbados and therefore the only problem with accessing legal services would be deciding which legal firm to utilize for your business. Barbados can boast a cadre of highly trained and skilled legal minds who are willing and able to guide you through the complex world of the legal system here on the island of Barbados.  

Many of the legal institutions on the island specialize in various aspects of the law and it would be advisable for you to check around and do your research before you commit yourself and your funds to any one lawyer or legal firm. This way, you are ensured you get the best representation for your specific need especially if you will require the services of a financial institution.

Financial institutions in Barbados are very varied in the services which they provide. If you require investment advice or guidance; or simply access to funds for making that major purchase, they are all available to you here on the island. It is also important to note that all of the financial institutions in Barbados are regulated by the Central Bank of Barbados in order to maintain transparency and remain within the strict legal framework that is set up to guide their actions.

Financial institutions in Barbados include the traditional banks and credit unions along with newer financial institutions which offer access to a wide array of financial services without the restrictions of the banks.

In all instances, once you need to access the services of any of the financial institutions in Barbados, you will also by law, require the services of a lawyer.


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