The Tom Adams Financial Centre

Just on the outskirts of Bridgetown, Barbados, in Church Village, which is off Constitution Road and St. Michael's Row if you are travelling to town along either of those roads, is a tall commercial building. Constructed in 1982-83, this official building formerly called The Central Bank Building, was renamed in 1998 with the official title of the Tom Adams Financial Centre after Barbados 2nd Prime Minister JMGM Tom Adams (now deceased). In fact, if one is visiting St. Michael's Cathedral and walk through or around the Cathedral grounds, one can walk straight onto the main courtyard of the Centre.




The Tom Adams Financial Centre is home to the official office of the Central Bank Governor of Barbados and houses numerous departments which seek to support the Barbados government to make financial and economic forecasts to guide its overall strategy. In formal terms, The Central Bank serves as the island's authority on national monetary affairs and it provides advice on banking, foreign exchange and other financial matters of the day.


The Centre is also home to The Frank Collymore Hall, a concert hall designed with appropriate acoustics and seating to accommodate four hundred and ninety one (491) persons in comfort so they can enjoy concerts, plays, comedy and dance shows. Such events are hosted and held throughout the year, as apart from events organized by the Central Bank or the Centre itself, the Hall can be booked and rented by organizations and companies, organizers from whom consider it an appropriate venue for their specific event.


The Centre also has on site the smaller Grande Salle, which tends to be more suited to the hosting of lectures and panel discussions and even smaller lunch-time concerts. This venue is also sought after by associations and organizations; that are keen to create the appropriate profile and ambiance for their topics of discussion and debate.


The Tom Adams Financial Centre is easily accessible as it is in the capital area. Visitors and locals transact business there as it is the main point of control for example if one needs to secure authorization to send monies overseas, make certain payments for example tuition fees to an overseas university. Non-national residents would also approach the Centre to make enquiries to ensure they are satisfying the requirements of the island of Barbados before they seek to transact any personal business.


The Centre in its entirety covers commercial, educational and entertainment purposes.




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