Queen's Park, Bridgetown, Barbados Pocket Guide

Queen's Park

Bridgetown's only park, Queen's Park was the original residence of General Vaughan, who commanded the British troops into the West Indies. This residency came about as a result of a decision that was made during the American War of Independence that there should be a permanent British garrison in Barbados. In Decemeber of 1782, the Crown purchased the property from Edward Falkinham. Since then a hurricane destroyed the house in 1780 and it ws subsequently rebuilt in 1784.


Queen's Park, Showing Esplanade, Many Years Ago, Barbados Pocket Guide

The Barbados Legislature bought Queen's House in 1906 after the departure of the British troops. Queen's House and the 12 acres of grounds were then leased to the Vestry of St. Michael and converted into a park for public usage and opened on June 10, 1909.


Queen's Park is also home to an all purpose theatre which is called a Steel Shed, Spartan Sports Ground, a restaurant, a renovated Stables, Queen's Park Gallery and the Daphne Joseph-Hackett Theatre.


Queen's Park now falls under the National Conservation Commission.


Queen's Park House

Queen's Park House was once named "King's House" prior to the succession of Queen Victoria. Major renovations of this house took place in 1908 as a result of the ruined state in which the military left it. Restoration of the complete building took place in the early 70s under the advice and assistance of the late Oliver Messel. Additional remodelling took place in 1981 for the third Caribbean Festival of Creative Arts (CARIFESTA)


The Baobab Tree

At 250 years (or thereabouts) this tree has only reached a mere quarter of its lifetime as these trees are known to live as long as 1,000 years. No one knows exactly how this particular tree got here, but point is, it's here and very much a part of our history. This phenomenal tree that originated in Africa has a trunk that measures some fifty-five (55) feet in circumference.


The Baobab Tree is also refered to as the Monkey Bread Tree. In Barbados, some say this name was given as a result of its unusual looking fruit that is hairy and oval and resembles a monkey. Others claim the name has been given because within the branches of this tree, there are spirits and anyone who cuts down one of these trees will certainly be haunted by the very spirits that live within the branches.


The other name for the Baobab tree is the Monkey Bread tree, referring to the name given by locals to the peculiar fruit the tree bears. A tradition of Barbados points in the direction that anyone who cuts one of these mysterious trees down will be haunted by the spirits that live within its very branches.


There is another Baobab Tree on the island of Barbados and that tree is located in Warrens, St. Michael.


Christmas Morning in Queen's Park

The people of Barbados love Christmas time and so Christmas in Queen's Park is just another natural progression of the Season for them. Here is where people of all walks of life in the Barbadian society gather after early morning Church Services to listen to music played by the Royal Barbados Police Band and most of all, to show off their finest in apparel.


Notably, the very first Christmas concert held in Queen's Park by the Royal Barbados Poilce Band was back in 1907.


Photos galore are taken as everyone takes full advantage of capturing memories that will possibly last a lifetime.


Once the 'parading' is over in Queen's Park, Barbadians head home to spend the remainder of the day with close family and friends where they take part in Christmas lunch.


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